Food 4 Kids Emerald Coast

Food For Kids, Emerald Coast is a not for profit minisitry. Every penny of your donation goes to food for those in need in our community. Food For Kids, Emerald Coast is run by a dedicated staff of volunteers. No salaries are taken. Rest assured, when you donate to Food For Kids, Emerald Coast your money is all used for food.

corporate sponsorships are appreciated

Be a community minded business!

Monetary giving is a huge part of any ministry. Let’s see, there are about seven billion people in the world. I can’t even fathom how many businessess we have just here in America. Can you imagine what just .25 cents from each person will do for all the hungry children in the world collectively? I hope one day to raise stand-alone distribution centers throughout the US. Tall order, most definitely!!!

Well, we know who's in charge!! So come on, let's all ride this train together because we are all going to be winners, just look at the eyes of any child!!


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