Nutritious Food Help provide nutritious food to elementary age children
Helping Children Help support children in our community
Helping Families Hungry children are a reality in our area
Supplies Needed and Appreciated Our goal is to keep our stock full and ready for distribution

welcome to Food 4 Kids Emerald Coast!

Welcome to Food 4 Kids Emerald Coast, an outreach backpack program for chronically hungry elementary school children in the Emerald Coast area of Florida.

Our Mission

To raise awareness and be the voice in our community regarding the needs of our chronically hungry elementary school children, regardless of ethnicity or social background. Every child must be given the equal, God-given right to receive proper, sustained nourishment in a dignified manner, with child-friendly, easily-consumed foods throughout the school year and beyond.

Our Action Plan

Establish a solid foundation that will enable these children in our communities, to overcome anxieties, reduce absenteeism, increase self-esteem in raising their academic performance, through the support of faith-based organizations, private businesses and the general public, who will help with this important outreach.

Our Home Base

Food 4 Kids Emerald Coast is proud to be affiliated with Myrtle Grove Baptist Church. Myrtle Grove Baptist Church is located at Lillian Avenue in Pensacola, Florida.

Everyday life is filled with challenges. There are all kinds of potential obstacles that come our way: relationships, jobs, kids, finances, personal health....there is plenty of stress to go around! Myrtle Grove Baptist Church invites you to join them for encouragement and support as we travel through life together. Since 1930, God's people have been meeting together at MGBC! From that start, seventy-nine years ago, a strong and dynamic church family has developed.

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