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Food 4 Kids Emerald CoastOur ministry is designed specifically for the young elementary school age children. These are the children we speak for, these are the children who are too young to fend for themselves, these are the children who live with chronic hunger, day in and day out, these are the children who come to school hungry, these are the children who have no self-esteem, these are the same children who think that every Friday is like Christmas. Picture this in your mind: every Friday afternoon an elementary school child with food backpack in tow is greeted at the door by perhaps several younger siblings, waiting for big sister or brother to open that backpack. With anticipation they wait just to see what was brought home. This picture……priceless!!!

Our immediate goal is to ensure that no child is forgotten, and through the eyes of teachers, and school administrators, we band together to make sure that no child is lost in the loop. With monetary donations and food drives, we give the less fortunate a chance for survival and a glimmer of hope. The end of this ministry is synonymous with as far as the east is from the west. There will always be children. Your children and grandchildren are also “our” children!

Here is list of the type of foods that go into the childrens' backpacks:

Apple sauce, pudding cups, fruit cups
Fruit drinks (individual boxes) like "Capri".
Peanut butter & crackers or cheese and crackers
Beans & franks (pop top) beef stew (pop top) little spaghetti serving (pop top)
Cereal bars
Dry cereal (1 oz boxes)
Veggie cups (corn, green beans etc)
Snack size raisin boxes
Flavored oatmeal in a box (individual packets)
Ramen noodles



... the school breakfast and lunch may be the only consistant meals our students eat in a day. Mr. Koomen and the caring congregation of MGBC pulled together and made sure our most needy students had food over the weekends. READ FULL TESTIMONAL

It has really taken the burden off my shoulders to not have to struggle with what my children will have to eat over the weekends. READ FULL TESTIMONAL